Sunday, 22 October 2006

AppSwing - New and Improved

AppSwing is a company that offers a unique mobile software solution to companies. They take legacy windows applications and translate them to cross browser equivalents (HTML, web service or anything else you may want) without altering the original application. It is a very cleaver piece of software and it has just got better!

AppSwing announced on Friday that its AppServer V3.0 software is available. They have been working with the University of Reading to improve the application support and now their hard work has come to fruition. The new version can be used to mobilise a wide variety of business applications such as those developed with Lotus Notes and Microsoft applications written in VBA.

Neil Thompson, AppSwing Chief Executive Officer said - "We are delighted with the new version which opens up many new opportunities for customers to access their key business information from a handheld device."

This is a huge step forward for AppSwing and they promise many more advances in the coming year. For full information check out AppSwing's site