Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Windows Mobile "Crossbow" not all it's cracked up to be

Is mobile computing set to get better with the release of Windows Mobile 6.0? The latest Windows Mobile operating system (dubbed "Crossbow") has just gone through its paces at mobile-review, and from what I can gather, they're not as exciting as one may hope.

What you can expect to receive when "Crossbow" goes live early next year is full compatibility with the 2007 editions of Office and Exchange, Vista-inspired sounds and themes (...what I've always wanted), Windows Live integration, VoIP (SIP) support, and Smart Dial 2.0. So as you can see nothing to get that excited about; in fact, while most people were expecting "Crossbow" to be a full-fledged Windows Mobile 6.0, it turns out due to the limited number of upgrades and additional features it is more apt to call it Windows Mobile 5.0 Second Edition. It appears most considerable upgrades are coming up in the next version, being developed under the code name of "Windows Mobile Photon" scheduled for release in two years time... if it's anything like Vista's release date we could be waiting a lot longer than two years.